Reimbursement Services by MDS Finland

MDS Finland provides expert Reimbursement Services for medical device manufacturers, addressing the complex landscape of healthcare reimbursement, especially in the United States. Effective reimbursement strategies are crucial as they greatly impact the adoption and success of medical devices in the market.

Key Aspects of Our Reimbursement Services

Comprehensive Reimbursement Strategy Development

We assist in developing a reimbursement strategy that aligns with your regulatory strategy. This includes demonstrating medical benefits and added value of your device, based on clinical study evidence.

Coding, Coverage, and Payment Process Management

Our services encompass the three key stages of reimbursement: coding (using standardized sequences like CPT codes for billing), coverage (criteria for payer decisions on product or service coverage), and payment (determining the payment amount received by healthcare providers).

Integration into Healthcare Systems

We ensure your reimbursement strategy integrates seamlessly with healthcare organizations’ processes, improving compliance and automating parts of the process to reduce workload and claim denials.

 Navigating Changing Reimbursement Landscapes

The healthcare industry is shifting from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Care models, which influences reimbursement requirements and processes. Our services adapt to these changes, ensuring future compliance and efficient integration of supporting features.

Real-World Evidence Collection

The use of real-world data and evidence is increasingly recognized in the reimbursement process. We assist in collecting and presenting this data to strengthen your reimbursement applications.

Why Choose MDS Finland for Reimbursement Services?

Deep Understanding of Reimbursement Landscape

We have a profound understanding of the reimbursement process, especially in the complex U.S. healthcare system.

Strategic Approach

Our strategic approach to reimbursement aligns with your product development and regulatory strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to market entry.

Adaptability to Market Changes

We stay abreast of changes in healthcare models and reimbursement criteria, ensuring that your strategy remains relevant and effective.

Ensuring Market Success Through Effective Reimbursement

Reimbursement is a critical factor for the commercial success of medical devices. With MDS Finland, you gain an experienced partner who navigates the reimbursement process, enhancing the market viability and adoption of your medical devices.