Clinical Trial Project Management Services by MDS Finland

MDS Finland provides expert Clinical Trial Project Management (CPM) services, ensuring that your clinical trials are conducted efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with international standards. Our CPM services are designed to streamline the clinical trial process, from protocoldesign to data management and reporting.

Key Aspects of Our Clinical Trial Project Management Services

Professional Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)

Our team of professionally qualified CRAs manages the protocols, design, management, and monitoring of clinical trials, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.

Comprehensive Project Management

We offer a complete project management service, encompassing study reporting, data processing, and overall coordination of the clinical trial process.

Clinic Selection and Training

Our service includes selecting and training clinical sites, ensuring that they are fully prepared and equipped to participate in the trial.

Digital and Electronic Management Systems

We employ a digital environment for efficient tracking and reporting of study results and quality control. Additionally, our electronic eCRF (Case Report Form) system facilitates convenient management of study documents.

Regulatory Compliance and Permit Acquisition

We handle the acquisition of necessary permits and contracts on behalf of your company, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in various markets.

Adherence to GCP/ISO 14155 Standards

Our CRO service guarantees that clinical trials are conducted in accordance with the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and ISO 14155 standards. This ensures the reliability of trial results, protection of trial subjects’ rights, and their safety and well-being at all stages of the trial.

Regulatory Acceptance and Confidentiality

Our adherence to standards ensures that trial results are accepted by regulatory bodies in the EU and US markets. We also maintain the confidentiality of trial subjects’ data and ensure the traceability and publishability of documents.

Why Choose MDS Finland for Clinical Trial Project Management?

Expertise in Clinical Trials

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in managing clinical trials, ensuring that your study is conducted efficiently and effectively.

Cost-Effective and Transparent Service

We offer a more cost-effective and transparent service compared to our competitors, without compromising on quality and compliance.

Global Compliance and Standard Adherence

Our compliance with international standards ensures that your clinical trials meet global regulatory requirements, enhancing the credibility and acceptance of your study results.

Streamlining Your Clinical Trials for Success

With MDS Finland’s Clinical Trial Project Management services, you gain a reliable partner who ensures that your clinical trials are conducted with the utmost professionalism and adherence to international standards. Our comprehensive approach to clinical trial management facilitates the successful execution of your studies, from start to finish.